About Steve Holmes

Hi all my name is Steve Holmes and I would describe myself as a passionate 'Active Lifestyler' Cyclist & Runner who is also a Writer and Cancer Fighter here on the Gold Coast. A new reality is always just around the next corner! Cancer transported me to the edge, and from the edge I can see more, I sense more, I have found a new freedom from the conformity of the centre. The need to conform has disappeared, I now have a clean slate and opportunities and possibilities dominate my brand new ambience . . . Life never seems to travel in a straight line, but that is life at it's full reality. Cheers Steve . . . . . . PS: Cycling Saved Me - The most deadliest of Cancers took my brother then it went after me!

Welcome to the 2019 ‘Ride of Duty’


Ride for Duty - Ride for your Community Its also great for the events participants to meet and talk with those old diggers, the very people and the families they are supporting by riding in this event.

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